Hornwort Aquatic Plant Care

  • April 29, 2015 at 7:16 am #6816
    Victor chang

    Care Level: Very easy

    Water Conditions : pH 6-7.5, Soft to very Hard

    Lighting: Low to high

    Maximum Size: 2-6 feet



    Hornwort thrives in a wide range of temperatures and in almost any lighting. It can be planted or allowed to float freely. Hornwort are incredibly easy to propagate. It will naturally grow side shoots off the main stem, and these can be pinched off to grow another full plant. Sections of the main stem can also be broken off, and both pieces will grow into full plants.


    Hornwort is compatible with all fish, and is one of the few plants that will survive in a goldfish tank. That’s not to say that the goldfish won’t nibble on the plant, but it’s spiky nature and phenomenal growth rate, ensures that it will survive in a goldfish tank – as long as they aren’t too hungry.

    It is also an excellent plant to have in live-bearer tanks, and as stated before – is a great refuge for baby fish. It provides a food source for the small fish (infusoria living on the plant needles), and the spiky needles generally keep the adult fish away from the baby fish.


    Please note that Hornwort is a naturally floating plant but can be bunched together to be planted in the substrate. During shipping, sometimes some stems will break loose from its metal holder. If that’s the case, you can re-insert the stems in the holder and adjust as desired. Also, the lower portion being held by the holder might turn brown and soft because of the pressure. But this plant will continue to grow towards light regardless without roots.

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