Plant Arrival Message

  • April 29, 2015 at 7:07 am #6814
    Victor chang

    This is my message I normally send whenever I ship an aquarium plants package. This helps in case you need information for future reference.


    Thank you for purchasing these plants. I am sure they are happy they have finally found a nice home!

    Now that they have made it to you, please take them out of the bags carefully, rinse them with water and plant them in your aquarium as soon as possible. Since the plants have been in the box for at least couple of days, they are probably stressed and bent at this point. Also, it is normal for aquatic plants to be shipped with little water to remain moist. But no worries! as soon as they are planted they will start acclimatizing and regain their original shape. Just make sure your plants are well planted in your substrate and receiving an adequate amount of lighting (at least 8 hours per day). Also, please note that some plants in your package might have originally grown emersed (above water), like moneywort and sword plants. These plants will make the transition to an aquatic environment slowly and will grow new leaves while shedding older ones. Lastly, some aquatic plants are shipped as cuttings, meaning they don’t have roots. However, they will start growing roots within a few weeks as they transition to your aquascape. If your package includes the Hornwort plant, please note that Hornwort is a naturally floating plant but can be bunched together to be planted in the substrate. During shipping, sometimes some stems will break loose from its metal holder. If that’s the case, you can re-insert the stems in the holder and adjust as desired. Also, the lower portion being held by the holder might turn brown and soft because of the pressure. But this plant will continue to grow towards light regardless without roots.

     Lastly, in the rare event the shipment is delayed in transit, your plants will arrive brown or even bio-degraded. In that case, please make sure to contact me so I can send you a replacement.

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