Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze Tissue Cultured in 5 x 1 Gel Mat – 100% Parasite, Pesticide and Virus Free


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Crypt wendtii plants are available in a variety of colors, from green to bronze. It is a great plant for beginners because it can grow in a range of lighting conditions and is forgiving when it comes to fertilizers. Baby plants can be removed from runners once they grow a few leaves. Placement: Fore/midground Max Size: 10-50 cm (4-20 inches) Planting: Substrate Propagation: Side shoots, root divisions Growth Rate: Slow Lighting: Any Recommended Tank Size: Any Care Level: Easy Good for Beginners: Yes

  • You will get 1 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze Tissue Cultured as pictured. The portion is grown in a 5 x 1 inches gel mat. Just wash off the gel and plant!
  • Tissue cultured plants are 100% guaranteed to be parasite and pesticide free because of the way they are grown.No risk of introducing unwanted elements to your aquarium.
  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze is a popular and easy plant for aquarium foreground or midground
  • Make your aquarium stand out with this beautiful and hard to find plant
  • Perfect for any size aquarium